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Breathable Cities 2023 Cohort 

Applied Nanodetectors
 help people living with asthma predict when they might have an attack, helping them take preventative action and avoid attacks in the future. They do this by monitoring indoor air quality, understanding user behaviour (using AI and self-reporting) and building a picture about what behaviours such as cooking, cleaning and opening windows are most likely to trigger an attack.

Enjoy The Air helps mid size companies to shift from conventional ROI-focused finance to more sustainable, impact-driven, and eco-conscious portfolio strategies. ETA offers the power of foresight – the ability to gauge the ripple effects of financial decisions on the environment and society at large. A tool that reveals the impact of every pound they spend.

GoRolloe creates air-purifying hardware solutions for the mobility sector. They use existing energy from moving vehicles to passively capture airborne pollutants primarily in urban environments. GoRolloe devices are low tech, low cost and use only biodegradable or reusable filters to ensure a circular life cycle.

Hubl has created a new, innovative way for “last-leg” logistics companies to store and deliver cold-produce into cities. Small individual cooler pods are fitted within delivery vehicles, keeping perishable food refrigerated without the need for emission-heavy ‘chiller units’ (which are big emitters of NOx and PM10). Smaller cooling units reduce the need to keep an entire truck refrigerated, lowering both emissions and cost.

Kleanbus retrofits diesel buses with electric engines, reducing the fleet operator’s environmental impact as well as their running costs. Their ‘repower’ programme allows fleet operators to electrify public transport in the quickest, most financially viable and environmentally friendly way. Kleanbus technology breathes new life into 5 to 10 year old buses, making them both cleaner and quieter for public travel.

Persium transforms cities worldwide with its Digital Twinning Platform. Deploy our IoT Pods for hyper-local air quality insights. Visualise pollution in 3D, simulate policy impacts, and see real-time ROI on health and economy. Make your city smarter, cleaner, healthier.

Pluvo Designed for targeted placement at air pollution hotspots, Pluvo Columns draw in polluted air and pump out purified air. Their unique 3 stage scrubbing process that eliminates harmful airborne Particulate Matter (such as dirt and soot), targeted gases (such as Nitrous Oxides), and viruses (including Covid-19). Each Pluvo Column has a built in air quality monitoring system, wirelessly sending real-time data about its own performance and the local air quality.

The Tyre Collective Tyre wear and other non-exhaust emissions (brake wear and road abrasion) are a huge contributor to air particulate matter (PM) pollution. This problem gets worse with electric vehicles, due to the added battery weight and torque. The Tyre Collective spearheads the capture and monitoring of tyre wear, accelerating the shift towards zero-emission mobility. They are developing a retrofittable device for last-mile delivery vans, buses and trucks to capture polluting tyre wear, and closing the loop on captured waste.

Zev City help people book emission-free taxis and transport for which Zev earn a booking commission. Passengers are allocated a token every time they book through the platform. All profits from this commission are invested into localised renewable energy projects (such as solar, wind, river- energy projects) through which the token holders then own a share. As more people ride with Zev City, the more renewable projects they can fund – and part own.

Climate Maps use public multispectral satellite data to plot out the levels of NOx, SOx, Methane, Benzine and particulate matter in cities. Without this accurate data, Climate Maps believe governments and corporations are under-reporting their emissions, and contributors to emissions are not being identified. Their technology is highly accurate (10m spatial resolution) and can show historical data up to 6 years into the past. They can also overlay multiple data sets to showcase how pollution has correlated to other lifestyle factors (health, wealth, life expectancy).

Fair have gamified indoor air quality, creating behavioural change that lasts. They’ve seized what’s missing in the vast air quality tech sector, filled with overlooked products and untapped opportunities. With fAIR manufacturers sell more, and keep customers engaged, retained and healthier.